Frequently Asked Questions

WHO IS THE developer?

Summit View Farms Development Group is made up of Bill Kenney and Associates and Johnston RE Holdings.  Bill Kenney and Associates has developed 487 residential subdivision lots in Lee’s Summit, Monarch View and The Meadows at Summit Ridge

Does the developer have experience and success?

See Above

how many lots overall in the subdivision?

There are currently planned 382 lots on 190 acres, approximately 2 lots per acre.  As with any future plat, these numbers are subject to change.

how many lots will be in lee’s summit address, lee’s summit schools?

122 Lots

How many lots will be in kansas city address, lee’s summit schools?

260 Lots

what schools will summit view farm have?

Summit Pointe Elementary (which is on Site), Summit Lakes Junior High School and Lee’s Summit West High School.

what builders are approved?

We have six model home builders including: Stewart, Spellerberg, Wood Brothers, and SAB to name a few. 

can i see other model homes in other subdivisions and meet with builders now to get our plan narrowed down?

Yes.  At this time we have six builders for you to choose from and multiple plans.  You can put a deposit down for a lot choice and submit to the developers for approval.

can i purchase a lot?

Lots can only be purchased by approved builders.  You can make a lot reservation or enter into a lot option agreement. (forms posted in our SVF Documents Tab)

who approves builders and plans?

The Developer approves all builders, plans and elevations.

where are the COVENANTS and restrictions?

They are located on our website under SVF Declarations.

when does the pool and playground go in, where will it be?

The Pool, Playground and Dog Park will go in during phase 2.  If you look at the KC Conceptual plan, the location is ½ mile south of Hook Road where the Lee’s Summit and Kansas City borders align.  It will be adjacent to the 20+ acre nature zone.

will you have sidewalks or walking trails?

Sidewalks are on one side of all streets and on both sides of Collector Streets.  Walking Trails are planned in the Green Areas but is subject to KCMO approval.

How much greenspace is there, and what is in the greenspace?

20+ acres of Greenspace.  It consists of the Creek Bed and Trees and Shrubbery in the center section of the subdivision.  It will be undisturbed.